The Book Redefined


Dribbling is a means to an end. Planning is like that too and plays a significant part of our process that drives us to score every time. The storytelling in this spot is key to the brand’s messaging that empowers individual growth by living without limitations and practicing an active way of life.

Floating on air? We certainly felt this way when we brought our artistic vision to reality for this spot promoting our client’s brand in London. The end result is thought-provoking and leaves the audience wanting to resist everything except temptation.

When gourmet cuisine is met with our team’s meticulous execution, anything is possible. For this spot, we paired an exhilarating tempo with a fast-cutting editing technique, conveying a lot of information in several brief consecutive shots to excite the viewers.

Combining the perfect ingredients to create one of New York’s best burgers is exactly what our client did so we took it to the street to find volunteers to do a taste test. We captured each participant’s raw and authentic reaction using medium and close-up shots. A short spot like this is a great way to increase engagement.


  • Wood, Uncoated Paper