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What if we talked? What if we listened? Precursor is a short film that confronts the uncomfortable conversations in relation to prejudice, power, and patriotism. It offers a vision of what could be if two individuals with opposing viewpoints decided to listen.


Direction & Photography – Manolo Campos
Script & Performance – Cory Mccants & Alan Trinca
Editing & Color – Filmstorms Productions Inc.
AC & Technical Sound – Adam Mansell
Music & Sound Design – Ivan Puñal
Production – Filmstorms Productions Inc.



The short film shows the life of Candela, a unique survivor in a post-apocalyptic future. A woman who, in addition to facing the difficulties of subsisting in an almost sterile environment, where insects are the only source of natural protein, suffers from a rare disease: PKU. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the Biosensor is what guarantees your survival.

Phenylketonuria, also called PKU, is a rare, hereditary and uncured disease caused by an enzyme deficiency. When a person with PKU consumes too much protein or artificial sweetener, it can result in serious health problems such as irreversible brain damage. The objective of this short film is to raise funds to develop the Biosensor needed to monitor the amount of protein in the blood and regulate the level of protein intake.

We need to raise funds to develop the Home Phe Monitor, if you want to donate go to the link:


Writer & Direction – Manolo Campos
Cinematography – Ismael Issa
Talents – Esmeralda Moya, Mar Zaldívar, Candela Lügstenmann
Original Idea – Ogilvy Health
Production – La Boutique 77
Production Manager – Antonio Campos
Production Design & Art Direction – Juan Eduardo Peso
Head of Production – Paula Mira
First Direction Assistant – Jaime Llamas
Script – Juanlu Moreno
Customer – Cristina Ximénez & Andrés Domínguez
VFX – Ricardo Rodríguez Gambini & Adriana Bonastra
Editing – Juan Eduardo Peso
Color Grading – Miguel Palomar
Sound Set – Alejandro Asensi
Sound Design & Music Direction – Juan Eduardo Peso
Assistent Art Direction – Daniel García-Silva
Characterization – Pablo Marugán
Gaffer – Javier Merino
Focus Puller – Raquel Guerrero
Gaffer Assistants – Carlos Tomás & Adrián Vidal Alonso
Camera Assistant – Daniel A. Hernández
Voice-Over – Nuria Trifol
Special Thanks – Lula Vila, Charo Sanchéz-Cáncio, Germán Guerra, Juan Ignacio Vicente, Raúl Danso, Jesús Irisarri, Epidemic Sound, Ayuntamiento de Arguedas, Peris Costumes



Absolution is an action-filled short film inspired by women in the fashion industry. More often than not, women in this industry are overlooked so it was important to portray the main protagonists as strong and independent.

Whether they are villains or heroes (that’s up to the viewer to decide), these women take high fashion back to the streets and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.


Direction – Gabrielle Ruddick
Cinematography, Editing & Color – Manolo Campos
Production – Manolo Campos & Gabrielle Ruddick
Camera Assistant – Adam Mansell
Production Assistant – David Lopez
Talents – Carmen Salta, Erin Jenae, Mei Li Zheng, Davey Goodison
Hair Styling – Alexandra Baltazar, Nicole Dubravski
Makeup Styling – Alexandra Baltazar, Mitch Yoshida
VFX – Pablo Gonzalez
Music – Outside The Seige / PBSR, Blur


Set & Prop Designer – Gabrielle Ruddick
Wardrobe Styling – Gabrielle Ruddick
Wardrobe Brands & Designers
Vesper Han, Chae New York – Carolina Chae Yoo, Ezie, BJ Couture, Flying Solo
Additional Brands
H&M, American Eagle, Stuart Weitzman, Frame, Impulsive, Rainbow, Doc Martins

Warriors for Social Justice


Who get to be the moral arbiters of right and wrong? In this digital age, should we treat more carefully before we attempt to play God? When the preservation of feelings reigns supreme, what happens to freedom of speech? In this serio-comedic short film, we get a glimpse into the repercussions of the “shoot first, ask questions never” mentality that has become ever present in today’s society.

This short also serves as the proof of concept for an 8-episode series currently being developed by Filmstorms and its associates.


Direction – Adam Mansell & Alan Trinca
Cinematography – Manolo Campos
Production – Alan Trinca & Filmstorms
Talents – Kajuana Marie, Alexis Kelley, Cory McCants, Alan Trinca
Color & Editing – Adam Mansell
Score – Jon Hugo
Sound – Joe Watson
Special Thanks – Jimmy Lewis, Ana Marcu, Courtney Rose, Cillian Fanning, Vanessa Fanning