The Book Redefined


This recipe teaser highlights just enough detail that will leave the viewer with their mouth watering. Exposing new menu items in a high-level micro video generates excitement and attracts more customers.

Many customers look at a menu before heading to a restaurant to eat (only if they like what they see!) In this content video, we highlight our client’s most popular menu items that make a perfect multi-course meal, appealing to customers’ senses and positively influencing their dining decisions.

Sharing a brand’s story through a testimonial helps build and establish foundational trust and spread awareness needed to flourish and be successful. It can also help a brand stand out from their competition.

Context is everything when it comes to product videos so we decided to inject some personality into this instructional demo, showing consumers just how easy this food product is to prepare and eliminating any consumer doubt.

We took an organic approach to the style of this recipe video, capturing behind the scenes footage of the chef working his magic. Close-up shots of the food and the chef’s hands in action make the audience feel as if they are present and witnessing the creation firsthand.


  • Wood, Uncoated Paper