The Book Redefined


Eloquence and minimalism are everything in this micro content video. The model’s natural movements integrated with diverse fashion designs that flow with the sound of the music make for an eye-catching television spot or online advertisement.

One consistent style throughout melded with one intimate moment between two people can transmit so much energy to the viewers. The close up shots exhibit calmness and the original concept enhances the attractiveness of the product.

The average reader’s attention span is 8 seconds so taking an 8 hour photo shoot and seamlessly converting it into this micro content video was the perfect way to catch the viewer’s attention quickly and leave a lasting impression.

Unboxing videos inspire an emotional feeling from viewers and more importantly, the consumers get an up close look at the exact nature of the product including the quality of packaging before purchasing. What a satisfying feeling!

With this fashion brand, we captured raw, exclusive and relatable moments from the point of view perspective. Seeing everything subjectively with a vintage-inspired look sparks a feeling of nostalgia, followed by an emotional connection between the brand and the audience.


  • Wood, Uncoated Paper